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38CrMoAl Extruder Screw And Barrel for Plastic Extrusion Machine
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38CrMoAl Extruder Screw And Barrel for Plastic Extrusion Machine

  • Sales Models: Wholesale
  • Min Order:1 piece
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38CrMoAl Extruder Screw And Barrel for Plastic Extrusion Machine

When it comes to plastic extrusion technology, every detail matters. Presenting the meticulously crafted 38CrMoAl Extruder Screw And Barrel by zhitian, injecting a new vitality into plastic extrusion machines.

Meeting Industry Demands with Precision-Made Screw Barrel Manufacturer

Key Features:

1. Premium 38CrMoAl Material, Top-Quality Assurance

Crafted from high-grade 38CrMoAl alloy, this extruder screw and barrel excel in both strength and wear resistance. With special treatment, the surface hardness is elevated, ensuring sustained stability during prolonged, high-intensity operations.

2. Precision Manufacturing Process, Ensuring Accuracy

Undergoing multiple precision machining and heat treatment processes, this product achieves industry-leading levels of dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness. High-precision clearances ensure uniformity and stability of materials during the extrusion process, thereby enhancing product quality.

3. Unique Design, Efficient Extrusion

The unique screw design and internal barrel wall structure ensure uniform heating and smoother material flow during the extrusion process. This not only improves extrusion efficiency but also reduces energy consumption, bringing higher economic benefits to your production line.

4. Wide Applicability, Flexible Configuration

The 38CrMoAl Extruder Screw And Barrel are suitable for various models and specifications of plastic extrusion machines. Whether your production line is small or large, we can provide you with a tailored configuration to meet your personalized needs.

5. zhitian Brand, Reputation Assurance

As a leading brand in the field of twin-screw extruder components, zhitian consistently wins customer trust with high quality and outstanding performance. Choosing us ensures you receive premium products, professional technical support, and comprehensive after-sales service, maximizing the security of your investment.

In every step of plastic processing, choosing high-quality components is crucial. zhitian's 38CrMoAl Extruder Screw And Barrel are undoubtedly your wise choice. Let's work together to create a brighter future!

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5-60 Days
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NANJING ZHITIAN is specialized in the manufacturing of replacement parts for twin screw extruder. So for has more than 20 years experience. 



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