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ZT-N High Torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Machine Parts Gearbox
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ZT-N High Torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Machine Parts Gearbox

Revolutionize Your Extrusion Processes with the ZT-N Series High Torque Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Gearbox
  • 20-150

  • ZT

Revolutionize Your Extrusion Processes with the ZT-N Series High Torque Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Gearbox

In the dynamic world of polymer processing and extrusion technology, the ZT-N series gearbox emerges as a pivotal innovation for high torque co-rotating parallel twin screw extruders. Designed and manufactured by Zhitian, a leader in extrusion technology solutions, this gearbox is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various polymer blending, filling, reinforcing, degrading, and coloring applications. The versatility of the ZT-N series makes it an indispensable asset for producing flame retardant masterbatches, filled compounds, color masterbatches, biaxially oriented films, flame retardant sheets, automotive materials, thermoplastic elastomers, and rubber-plastic blends.

Co-rotating twin screw extruder gearbox

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

The ZT-N series co-rotating twin screw extruder gearbox is Zhitian's flagship product, reflecting years of technical refinement and innovation. Its design philosophy centers around delivering unparalleled torque and performance, ensuring that your extrusion processes achieve optimal efficiency and product quality. Whether you're involved in the production of advanced polymers or everyday compounds, the ZT-N series gearbox is designed to handle the most challenging extrusion tasks with ease.

Key Features of the ZT-N Series Gearbox

  • High Torque Capacity: Built to withstand and deliver the high torque required for co-rotating twin screw extrusion, the ZT-N series gearbox ensures consistent performance under the toughest operating conditions.

  • Wide Application Range: From flame retardant masterbatches to thermoplastic elastomers, this gearbox is capable of processing a diverse array of materials, making it suitable for a wide variety of extrusion applications.

  • Stable Performance and Mature Technology: The ZT-N series gearbox benefits from Zhitian's extensive experience in gearbox technology, offering users stability, reliability, and advanced features that only come from years of engineering expertise.

  • Flexible Operation: Designed with the user in mind, this gearbox offers flexibility in operation, allowing for easy adjustments and optimizations to meet specific production requirements.

Elevate Your Extrusion Operations

In the competitive landscape of polymer processing, choosing the right components for your extrusion line can make a significant difference in product quality and operational efficiency. The ZT-N series co-rotating twin screw extrusion gearbox stands out as a superior choice for manufacturers seeking to elevate their production capabilities. Its robust design, combined with high torque performance and versatility, makes it an ideal solution for a broad spectrum of extrusion applications.


As the demand for more sophisticated and high-quality polymer products continues to grow, the importance of utilizing advanced extrusion technology cannot be overstated. The ZT-N series gearbox, with its high torque capacity and adaptability, represents a leap forward in co-rotating twin screw extruder technology. Manufacturers looking to enhance their extrusion processes will find the ZT-N series to be a game-changer, offering the performance, flexibility, and reliability needed to succeed in today's fast-paced market.


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