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Pelletizing Machine 95 Rubber Extruder Gearbox
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Pelletizing Machine 95 Rubber Extruder Gearbox

High torque density 15 Nm / cm³ per shaft

  • zhitian

twin screw extruder parts

Pelletizing Machine 95 Rubber Extruder Gearbox



Zhitian's twin-screw gearbox is an ideal solution for industries such as plastics, food, and battery slurry mixing. Our products are known for their high efficiency and reliability. To meet the growing demand for twin-screw extruders, we have developed a range of co-rotating twin-screw extruder gearboxes, with a maximum torque of up to 18 Nm/cm³. Our series include ZT-A, TDF, TDSN, STD, SHTDNSHTDZ, and SHE.

gearbox for twin screw extruders



Zhitian gearboxes feature excellent heat dissipation and oil lubrication systems, providing stable output capabilities under heavy load conditions. The gearbox structure consists of a primary reduction section and a distribution section. It offers a compact design, low noise, strong load-bearing capacity, and high production yield.

The gearbox housing is made of high-strength ductile cast iron, manufactured with high-precision CNC machining to ensure consistent strength and accuracy. The design incorporates a high-rigidity housing with shock absorption features.

Our gear manufacturing process is mature, using low-carbon alloy steel (ME) as the material. The gears are meticulously ground and tooth profiles are carefully shaped. Carburizing and quenching processes are employed to achieve a surface hardness of HRC58-62.

We utilize high-load and long-life bearings from globally renowned brands, incorporating multiple optimized bearing design solutions.

Zhitian gearboxes have gained recognition in the industry for their outstanding performance and reliability, becoming the preferred solution for various industries. We will continue to innovate and improve to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


What is a Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox?

Higher extrusion capacity and greater production capacity: The interaction of the two screws in a twin-screw extruder allows for increased material throughput, resulting in higher extrusion capacity. This means that twin-screw extruders can process larger volumes of material, enabling greater production capacity.

Better control of uniformity and temperature distribution: The dual-screw configuration of twin-screw extruders provides enhanced mixing and homogenization of the plastic material. This results in better control over the uniformity of the material, ensuring consistent quality throughout the extrusion process. Additionally, twin-screw extruders typically have more precise temperature control, which helps in maintaining the desired temperature profile for different types of materials.

Processing a wider variety of materials: Twin-screw extruders are versatile and capable of processing a wider range of plastic material types. They can handle high-viscosity materials that may be challenging for single screw extruders. Additionally, twin-screw extruders are often equipped with different types of screw elements and barrel sections that can be tailored to specific material requirements, allowing for processing of heat-sensitive materials with minimal thermal degradation.

gearbox for twin screw extruders

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