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Plastic Machinery 85 Plastic Extruder Gearbox
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Plastic Machinery 85 Plastic Extruder Gearbox

High torque density 16-18 Nm / cm³ per shaft
  • SHE

  • zhitian

twin screw extruder parts

Plastic Machinery 85 Plastic Extruder Gearbox



Zhitian's twin-screw gearbox is an ideal solution for industries such as plastics, food, and battery slurry mixing. Our products are known for their high efficiency and reliability. To meet the growing demand for twin-screw extruders, we have developed a range of co-rotating twin-screw extruder gearboxes, with a maximum torque of up to 18 Nm/cm³. Our series include ZT-A, TDF, TDSN, STD, SHTDNSHTDZ, and SHE.

gearbox for twin screw extruders



Zhitian gearboxes feature excellent heat dissipation and oil lubrication systems, providing stable output capabilities under heavy load conditions. The gearbox structure consists of a primary reduction section and a distribution section. It offers a compact design, low noise, strong load-bearing capacity, and high production yield.

The gearbox housing is made of high-strength ductile cast iron, manufactured with high-precision CNC machining to ensure consistent strength and accuracy. The design incorporates a high-rigidity housing with shock absorption features.

Our gear manufacturing process is mature, using low-carbon alloy steel (ME) as the material. The gears are meticulously ground and tooth profiles are carefully shaped. Carburizing and quenching processes are employed to achieve a surface hardness of HRC58-62.

We utilize high-load and long-life bearings from globally renowned brands, incorporating multiple optimized bearing design solutions.

Zhitian gearboxes have gained recognition in the industry for their outstanding performance and reliability, becoming the preferred solution for various industries. We will continue to innovate and improve to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


High performance twin screw extruder

In recent years, the twin-scREW EXTRUDER INDUSTRY HAS BEEN PURSUING HIGHER PERFORMANCE AND WIDER application fields. Here are some key technical advances:

High torque gearbox: In order to meet the needs of processing high-performance engineering plastics and composite materials, twin-screw extruders need to have higher torque output capabilities. Therefore, the design and manufacture of gearboxes have become more sophisticated and robust to withstand high-load and high-speed working conditions. The adoption and improvement of high-precision gears can improve transmission efficiency and reduce noise.

High-strength screw shaft: The screw shaft is a key component that withstands high pressure and high speed in the twin-screw extruder. Modern twin-screw extruders use high-strength alloy steel or special surface treatment technology to enhance the strength and wear resistance of the screw shaft. This ensures reliable operation of the screw shaft under high load conditions and extends the life of the extruder.

Multifunctional screw elements: In order to meet the processing needs of different materials, the design of screw elements has become more flexible and diverse. For example, with adjustable screw pitch and length of mixing section, it can adapt to the extrusion process requirements of different materials. In addition, some screws also have special functions, such as mixing, shearing, dispersing and plasticizing, etc., to achieve more precise processing control and product performance adjustment.

Small gap extrusion: Small gap extrusion technology is an important development direction in the field of twin-screw extruders. By reducing the gap between the screw and the screw, the sealing and mixing effect of the extrusion process can be improved, so as to obtain higher quality extruded products. Small-gap extrusion also reduces energy consumption during extrusion and increases production efficiency.

gearbox for twin screw extruders

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