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Pet Extrusion Nitriding Treatment Twin Screw Extruder Barrel
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Pet Extrusion Nitriding Treatment Twin Screw Extruder Barrel

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Pet Extrusion Nitriding Treatment Twin Screw Extruder Barrel

Pet Extrusion Nitriding Treatment Twin Screw Extruder Barrel

Outstanding Wear Resistance and Hardness

Enhance the surface hardness of our twin screw extruder barrel significantly through nitriding treatment, making it more suitable for applications in high-wear and high-temperature environments. This treatment ensures excellent wear resistance and hardness, prolonging the barrel's lifespan during continuous production.

High-Temperature Adaptability

The nitriding treatment provides our twin screw extruder barrel with exceptional high-temperature adaptability. Even in high-temperature environments, the barrel maintains stable performance, ensuring smooth production processes. This makes our product particularly suitable for processing thermoplastic materials and other materials requiring high-temperature melting and extrusion.

Highly Corrosion-Resistant

Our twin screw extruder barrel, treated with nitriding, also possesses high corrosion resistance. Even in corrosive environments, the barrel maintains stable performance, providing reliable protection for your production processes.

Precise Dimensions and Tolerances

As China's premier twin screw extruder barrel manufacturer, we pay attention to every detail. Our barrels undergo precise manufacturing and rigorous testing to ensure their dimensions and tolerances meet high standards. This helps maintain outstanding performance throughout extended periods of use.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Our twin screw extruder barrel design prioritizes practicality and convenience. The barrel's structure is simple, making it easy to maintain and repair. When parts need replacement, you can access internal components effortlessly without dismantling the entire system. This helps minimize downtime and improves production efficiency.

Comprehensive Technical Support and Services

We provide comprehensive technical support and services for our customers. Whether you encounter any issues before or after purchase, our professional team is ready to assist you. Our technical support team offers guidance on installation, debugging, maintenance, and upkeep, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition.

Pet Extrusion Nitriding Treatment Twin Screw Extruder Barrel is your ideal production assistant. With its outstanding wear resistance and hardness, high-temperature adaptability, high corrosion resistance, precise dimensions and tolerances, easy maintenance and repair, and comprehensive technical support and services, it can help you achieve efficient and stable production processes. If you have any questions or need further consultation, feel free to contact us anytime.


NANJING ZHITIAN is specialized in the manufacturing of replacement parts for twin screw extruder. So for has more than 20 years experience. 



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