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Bimetallic Normally Closed Cpm10v Twin Screw Barrel
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Bimetallic Normally Closed Cpm10v Twin Screw Barrel

Application:twin screw extruder 
Min Order:1 piece 
Place of Origin:Jiangsu,China
Customization:Customized logo
Package:wooden case
  • zhitian

twin screw extruder parts

Bimetallic Normally Closed Cpm10v Twin Screw Barrel

Why Choose Zhitian Extrusion Machine Parts (Screw Barrel)?

Co-rotating twin screw barrel for famous brand

W&P: ZSK-MC Berstorff: ZE
Leistritz: ZSE-MICRO Theysohn: TSK
Maris: TM-W APV: MP65
Feddem: FED-MTS Fessia Macross: NRII

For more models, please inquire.

Click here:Video real shot of extruder barrel processing

Advanced extruder barrel processing technology

We manufacture barrels for co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging from 15.6 mm to 400 mm and over.The processing of the barrel reaches the European high precision standard.

ZSK Screw Barrel

What are the advantages of the building block twin-screw extruder?

Building block extruder barrel

Indeed, the design of the twin-screw extruder provides significant advantages over other plastic processes. The full flexibility it offers empowers process engineers to configure the extruder according to their specific requirements, optimizing the process and achieving the best attainable properties. Configuring the screws is a highly beneficial feature recognized by most engineers. Additionally, the barrel sections can be rearranged to achieve the optimum arrangement for the given process.

In contrast, processes like single-screw extrusion and injection molding typically have fixed screw and barrel configurations. Once the process is designed, it becomes essentially fixed, and making any changes usually involves cutting metal, which can result in high costs even for simple modifications. For example, adding a vent to a single-screw extruder requires modifying the barrel and fabricating a new screw, both of which can incur significant expenses.

zhitian twin screw extruder gearbox

The twin-screw extruder, on the other hand, offers complete configurability. It can be regarded as a series of unit operations that can be arranged and customized to optimize the process. The availability of segmented barrels and screws provides a level of flexibility that is not seen in other polymer processes. By properly sequencing the barrel sections along with corresponding screw elements, a wide range of process specializations can be achieved.

By viewing the twin-screw extruder as a series of unit operations, process engineers have the opportunity to address various aspects, including solids conveying, polymer melting, customizable mixing of additives into the melt, liquid injection, downstream addition of additives, venting (atmospheric and vacuum), pumping, heat transfer, and even chemical reactions in the case of reactive extrusion.

This flexibility and versatility of the twin-screw extruder design allow for efficient and effective processing of polymers, offering numerous benefits to the process engineer and enabling optimization of the extrusion process to meet specific requirements.

Screw Barrel Specifications Table

NO. Model L*W*H(MM) Hole Diameter/Φ(MM) Center Distance/D(MM)
1 20 132*115*105 Φ23 18.4
2 30 120*135*115 Φ30.6 26
3 35 140*140*120 Φ36 30
4 36 150*160*140 Φ36 30
5 40 160*175*145 Φ41.6 34.5
6 50 190*190*150 Φ51 42
7 52 210*200*155 Φ52 43
8 53 220*210*160 Φ53.3 48
9 58 240*220*175 Φ58 48
10 60 240*210*170 Φ60 52
11 65 240*210*170 Φ63 52
12 75 290*260*200 Φ71.8 60
13 85 320*280*215 Φ81.9 67.8
14 92 360*310*240 Φ92 78
15 95 360*310*240 Φ94 78
16 110 420*330*240 Φ109 91.5
17 125 500*390*290 Φ125 98
18 135 520*440*340 Φ134 110

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NANJING ZHITIAN is specialized in the manufacturing of replacement parts for twin screw extruder. So for has more than 20 years experience. 



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