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RPM Speed: 300-900r/min,Application: Pelletzing Machine,Torque Grade: 11.63-13.08T/A3

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Triple Screw Extruder Parts

As a professional manufacturer of extruder parts for nearly 20 years, Zhitian can provide you with abundant triple-screw and twin-screw extruder parts.

Discover the superior capabilities of Zhitian's Triple Screw Extruder Parts, engineered to offer enhanced performance in food processing. These extruders boast:

Higher Production Capacity: Our triple-screw extruders, with a larger extrusion area, significantly boost production efficiency.
Improved Mixing and Dispersion: The synchronized operation of three screws ensures thorough mixing, yielding uniform end products.
Greater Process Control Flexibility: Tailor the extrusion process with flexible temperature and speed controls to suit various materials.
Enhanced Stability and Reliability: Ideal for viscous and challenging materials, our triple-screw extruders offer consistent performance.
Wider Range of Applications: Handle complex polymer blends with ease, including rubber, plastics, and pigments.

Core Components:
Barrels: Our triple-screw extruder barrels are designed for durability, made from wear-resistant alloys to endure high temperatures and pressures. Explore more on our Barrel Page.

Screw Elements: Featuring three intricately designed screws for optimal conveying, mixing, and extrusion. Discover their critical role on our Screw Elements Page.

Shafts: Strong, wear-resistant shafts ensure the continuous and stable operation of the extruder. Learn about their specifications on our Shaft Page.

Gearboxes: Precision-engineered to control speed and torque, ensuring synchronous screw operation. Delve into the gearbox technology on our Gearbox Page.

Zhitian's triple-screw extruders are tailored for complex processing, providing advanced solutions for your extrusion needs.

NANJING ZHITIAN is specialized in the manufacturing of replacement parts for twin screw extruder. So for has more than 20 years experience. 



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