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RPM Speed: 300-900r/min,Application: Pelletzing Machine,Torque Grade: 11.63-13.08T/A3

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Food Extruder Spare Parts

Zhitian provides twin screw food extruder gearboxes and screw barrels, which have been maturely used in Famsun, Buhler, FAST, ZHENGCHANG and other well-known domestic and foreign brands of food and feed extruders.

Explore Zhitian's range of Twin Screw Extruder Parts, meticulously designed for the food processing industry. Our parts are pivotal for ensuring efficient, hygienic, and safe operations in food extrusion.

Barrels: These structures, made from food-safe materials, provide the necessary environment for screw elements, guaranteeing safety in food contact. Learn about our barrels that meet stringent food safety standards on our Barrel Page.

Screw Elements: Essential for mixing, extruding, and shaping food, our screw elements are customizable to suit various food processing needs. Discover their versatility and compliance with food industry requirements on our Screw Elements Page.

Shafts: These components connect screw elements and transfer power, made from hygienic materials to ensure food safety. Explore the details of our shafts designed for the food industry on our Shaft Page.

Gearboxes: Our gearboxes control the speed and torque of extruder screws and are tailored to meet the hygiene standards of the food industry. Learn about our customizable gearboxes on our Gearbox Page.

Zhitian's extruder parts are not just compliant with industry standards but also offer flexible customization for diverse food ingredients and processing requirements.

NANJING ZHITIAN is specialized in the manufacturing of replacement parts for twin screw extruder. So for has more than 20 years experience. 



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