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Nitriding Steel Extruder Sts Double screw barrel
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Nitriding Steel Extruder Sts Double screw barrel

Application:twin screw extruder
Min Order:1 piece
Place of Origin:Jiangsu,China
Customization:Customized logo
Package:wooden case
  • zhitian

twin screw extruder parts

Nitriding Steel Extruder Sts Double screw barrel

Advanced extruder barrel processing technology

We manufacture barrels for co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging from 15.6 mm to 350 mm and over.The processing of the barrel reaches the European high precision standard.

  • Strong designing strength

We design and manufacture the screw elements, barrels, and gearboxes according to customer requirements.

  • Rich experience

We have been in the extrusion industry for two decades, and our products are used by prominent companies.

  • Advanced material technologies

Our hot pressing sintering technology can make nickel-based integral alloy sleeves and can also be directly compounded on the inner wall of the screw barrel

Technical Analysis of Twin-Screw Extruder Barrel: Design, Materials, and Performance Advantages?

  • Introduction:

The twin-screw extruder barrel is a crucial component in the extrusion production process, greatly impacting the quality, efficiency, stability, and durability of production. This article delves into the design principles, material selection, and performance advantages of twin-screw extruder barrels, aiming to enhance readers' understanding and application of this key technology.

  • Design Principles:

The twin-screw extruder barrel features a modular design comprising multiple sections. The length-to-diameter ratio of the barrel varies based on specific models and application requirements. By flexibly combining barrel sections, diverse production needs can be met, achieving optimized production efficiency and quality.

  • Material Selection:

Material selection plays a vital role in the manufacturing of twin-screw extruder barrels. Common materials include high-quality alloy steel and special alloys. Depending on the application scenarios and material characteristics, suitable materials are chosen to enhance wear or corrosion resistance. Some commonly used alloy materials include Cr12Mov, W6Mo5Cr4V2, 38CrMoAla, among others. Advanced techniques like internal composite or thermal spraying can also be employed to embed alloy layers into the inner wall of the barrel, further enhancing wear or corrosion resistance.

  • Performance Advantages:

Twin-screw extruder barrels offer numerous performance advantages, making them indispensable in the extrusion production process.

  • Easy inspection and maintenance: The modular design of twin-screw extruder barrels facilitates convenient inspection and maintenance. Damaged barrel sections can be swiftly replaced, reducing production costs and improving labor efficiency.

  • Cost reduction: Rational design and material selection enhance production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize scrap rates, thereby lowering production costs.

  • Improved operational efficiency: Optimized design and material selection of twin-screw extruder barrels enable higher extrusion speeds and more stable production processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Wide application range: Twin-screw extruder barrels find applications in various industries, including glass fiber reinforcement, flame retardant granulation, high filling granulation, heat-sensitive material granulation, concentrated color masterbatch, cable material granulation, and more.

  • High output, quality, and efficiency: Through optimized design and appropriate material selection, twin-screw extruder barrels achieve high production output, superior product quality, and enhanced production efficiency, meeting market demands.

  • Conclusion:

Twin-screw extruder barrels, as vital components in the extrusion production process, play significant roles in terms of design principles, material selection, and performance advantages. Rational design and material selection contribute to improved production efficiency, cost reduction, and adaptation to diverse applications across industries. With nearly 20 years of experience and professional expertise, Nanjing Zhitian Electromechanical Co., Ltd. provides top-quality twin-screw extruder barrels, along with professional technical consultation, comprehensive after-sales service, and customized solutions to meet the varied needs of customers.

Co-rotating twin screw barrel for


W&P: ZSK-MC Berstorff: ZE
Leistritz: ZSE-MICRO Theysohn: TSK
Maris: TM-W APV: MP65
Feddem: FED-MTS Fessia Macross: NRII


twin screw extruder barrel

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