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Plastic Extruder Sam39 35mm Extruder Screw Element
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Plastic Extruder Sam39 35mm Extruder Screw Element

Application:twin screw extruder
Min Order:1 piece
Place of Origin:Jiangsu,China
Customization:Customized logo
Package:wooden case
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twin screw extruder parts

Plastic Extruder Sam39 35mm Extruder Screw Element



Co-rotating twin screw elements for

- Buhler -KraussMaffei -Theysohn
- Buss -Berstorff- -Toshiba
- Clextral -Labtech -USEON
- Coperon -Lantai - others
- JSW -Leistritz
- Keya -Maris

Types of the Screw Segments

* Convey Screw Segment
* Mixing Screw Segment
* Kneading Block & Disk
* Transition Screw Element
* Deep groove transfer element
* Screw element for side feeder
* 1-flighted,2-flighted,3-flighted screw elements


Threaded components have key parameters

including pitch and outer diameter (OD) to inner diameter (ID) ratio:


 It refers to the distance between adjacent threads on a screw. It determines the axial movement of the material and affects the conveying, mixing, and compression processes.

Wide pitch components are typically used in the feeding and venting sections of extruders.

Narrow pitch components are used in positions where the material needs to be compressed or where 100% filling is required.

Increasing the pitch reduces residence time, narrows the residence time distribution, increases the drag flow, and enhances the sensitivity to pressure flow. It also increases the speed of material conveyed by the drag flow. However, wide pitch components may not effectively establish overcoming forces within the flow channel. Within the normal pressure range, their pumping capacity is greater than that of narrow pitch components.

OD to ID Ratio:

The ratio of the outer diameter to the inner diameter of the threaded block.

The ID represents the root diameter of the threaded block.

The OD represents the outer diameter of the threaded block.

The ID/OD ratio determines the free volume of the screw in the extruder. A larger OD/ID ratio corresponds to a larger free volume, but it also means a smaller core shaft to transmit torque.

Additionally, other technical parameters for threaded blocks include shear blocks:

Shear block parameters indicate the configuration of the intermeshing discs or blocks, such as the length of engagement  and the number of intermeshing discs. The intermeshing angle between the discs is typically 45°.

twin screw extruder element

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